Fast Skating Fashion

Fast Skating Fashion

Moxi skates collabs with a fast fashion brand – and ruins the legend that roller skating is the better social community.

Roller skates were for many decades very durable and long-lasting products. Leather boots, steel or aluminum plates, industrial bearings – combined all aspects which nowadays are regarded as sustainable. The resurge of roller skating in the last years was driven by young people who felt familiar with alternative culture, creativity and conscious living. Could have been perfect harmony.

Instead of this roller skating has become a part of mainstream culture and lifestyle, as the collab of Moxi skates and the fast fashion brand Forever 21 shows. The current roller skating culture fits perfect with the fashion industry. Cute outfits and presenting in social media has become a relevant part of roller skating. From business perspective an ideal collab, if fast fashion would not have such a huge negative consequences on the environment. Besides copyright infringements, and employees’ exploitations, fast fashion has an enormous environmental footprint for both its production and disposal. Clothing production requires a considerable amount of energy and resources, while it depends on toxic fabric dyes and other chemicals that contaminate fresh water. Fashion produces a tenth of the world’s carbon emissions. And the roller skating industry is promoting that.

Moxi’s excuse doesn’t make it better.

We choose our partnerships carefully and strategically. Many roller skaters know that the ‘fast-fashion’ industry has room for improvement in their environmental practices, so we will be radically creating sustainable apparel and more handmade roller skates with 100% of the profits that we gain from this collaboration” Moxi skates wants to change fast fashion industry.

Moxi Skates

The idea, that a roller skates brand could change a $35 Billion market, is crazy.

When you search the internet about “Fast Fashion” you can find tons of information about the questionable impact of the industry for our planet. Just two documentaries.

BBC Documentary “The Price of Fast Fashion”
DW Documentary “The Clothes We Wear”

But there is a also a fast fashion revolution, a movement for a clean, safe, fair, transparent and accountable fashion industry. Both roller skating industry and skaters should be part of this for sustainable business and ecologically sound activity.