It’s a Men’s Skate at the NY Fashion Week

This New York Fashion Week showed that New York designers are finding roller skates.

The New York Fashion Week is a four day spectacle. February presentation of men’s fashion for “Fall 2017” showed that New York designers are still finding their inspiration in the street. So Thaddeus O’Neil, inspired both by disco and punk, sent his models out in roller skates.

Thaddeus O’Neil is New York City-based fashion label. The founder and creative director describes his designs as related with the abandon and rebellion customary of surf culture, which is strongly related to skateboarding. Consequentially the models at his show wore Vans skate shoes and the skates were Vans in the same manner. Skates in the fashion industry? Saint Laurent started this in 2013. Vans were used for roller skates already in the late 1970s. Really new and quite interesting is that the current roller skates revival now enters the men’s world.

These @vans were made for rolling… see you at the #SeaDisco #NYFWM #AnAttemptToSurviveTime #PlayWear

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#SeaDisco roller dance. Bespoke roller skates with our friends @vans #NYFWM #AnAttemptToSurviveTime #PlayWear

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✨✨ see you at the disco ✨✨ #NYFWM #AnAttemptToSurviveTime #PlayWear

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