Let Your Body Move to the Music

Vogue Taiwan shows that fashion scene has discovered roller skating.

Come on, vogue Let your body move to the music – Madonna

Roller skating is more than anything movement of the body. Perfect for accentuation of fashion. The fashion industry has taken the emerging roller skating trend already.

So it comes as little surprise that photographer Danilo Hess selected the Hot Skates roller rink in New York as the scenery for a shooting for the August 2018 issue of Vogue Taiwan. The result is beautiful photos of evening wardrobe in contrast to the more leisure-oriented ambience in a roller rink. All pictures can be viewed on the photographer’s Homepage or here. Models were Aleyna Fitzgerald, Isabella Ridolfi and Natalie Ludwig.

Starting from the assumption, that Hess’ models cannot really skate, the designer Cynthia Rowley approached the roller skating theme in her show at the New York fashion week in September more genuinely. She replaced the typically restrained runway models with roller skating women. The models rolled in the street and over the catwalk in the designer’s West Village office.

Roller skating doesn’t match any longer only daisy dukes, stretchy tank tops, and tube socks.