Berlin Skating Club Helps to Get the Basics Right

Berlin Skating Club Helps to Get the Basics Right

Tons of tutorials about roller skating can be found on social media, but few really good ones. The Berlin artistic skating club “Rollschuh Paradies” offers to learn a proper technique.

Roller skating is popular. Many young or not such young anymore adults are starting roller skating. Especially at the beginning, after the new skater obtained some basic confidence in balance and skating, learning a proper skating technique eases the further development and anticipates bad habits. Body position, pressure on the edges, skating strides, and some others are not only relevant for the fun of roller skating, but also prevent injuries and avoid enduring inappropriate biomechanical stress.

These all is hard to learn by social media videos alone, because individual correction from a professional coach is essentially. Artistic roller skating clubs would be the first contact point, however some clubs and coaches are struggling with adults who aren’t accomplished artistic skaters and without the urge to compete in higher class competitions – both because of traditions and of the limited capacity in number of coaches and time in practice venues. Fortunately there are first changes. In Berlin the artistic roller skating club Rollschuhparadies Berlin (“Roller Skating Paradise”) offers during the summer Basic Practice for Adults (website in German). From the beginning of April to the end of September, adults can take part in a professional training session on the outdoor rink once a week. The courses are aimed at beginners and advanced learners alike. Training units can be purchased in the form of a 5-session-ticket. This is charged at € 70, extension at € 65.

A start has been made. Hopefully further artistic skating clubs will join to teach new adult skaters the love of the sports. This would help also to get more children on board to begin with the career to become an excellent artistic roller skater.

Declaration of interests. I am the president of the club.