1980s Roller Disco Tunes

1980s Roller Disco Tunes

Music from the 1980s is popular for current roller skating. Here are the songs, which were played in the rinks back then.

When you following roller skating in social media, in the vids predominantly songs from the 1970s and 1980s are used. 1970s is easy, disco was literally everywhere. But roller skating got big in the 1980s, and roller rink music, so music which were played in skating sessions was special, and included many titles and artists without positioning in the top 40 music charts. Popular music styles then, like Brit-Pop, New Romance, New-Wave, Soft Rock, Alternative Rock, Arena Rock, or Synth-Pop had not the ideal beat to support the skating flow – a specific skate music genre developed.

Debbie Debb’s song “Look Out Weekend” is a classic example of a skate song. Every skater in the 1980s know this tune, but it placed only #26 in the US Dance Sales charts in 1984, no further charts positioning.

Some years ago I collected a list of songs, which we skated on in our roller rink in the 1980s. Now I transferred it into a Spotify list. This may interesting and provide inspirations for your 1980s roller disco vibes.