Prince Was a Skater

With Prince, the quintuple threat instrumentalist-singer-songwriter-producer-performer, who became one of the towering figures in music the last four decades, also a roller skater has died. It was known, that Prince was a skilled skater since at least Questloves’s revelation in his autobiography “Mo’ Meta Blues”.

“i sarcastically put the phone in coat check and wonder what the deal is…..i mean this man wears high heels and he dont want me to record him in skates? as if i wanted that footage? then he opens the briefcase… pulls out the most unique skates i ever seen in my life. they were clear skates that not only lights up but when you skate the friction of the wheels to the ground causes sparks to come into your trail… sorta like the billie jean video for the skating generation. he did a lap around the rink leaving a rainbow trail of light and sparks in his trail. and the nigga could skate!!!!!”


|> Actually all along on roller skates. |> Eigentlich schon immer auf Rollschuhen.

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