End of the Complains About Music

End of the Complains About Music

Skate music is always an issue. Actually, Skate DJs can only fail to meet the various skaters’ expectations.

Music and roller skating are closely related, so the beat is same important as the right skates. Skaters and styles make different taste of music. Silent Disco is an interesting solution, to serve all the skaters’ preferences. At “Silent Skate Party”, three DJs are providing different music styles, like house, R&B or hiphop.

The audience can select their channel at the wireless multi-listener headphone systems, lights indicate the selected DJ. It is spooky see the grooving skaters and only to hear the relatively loud noises of the wheels on the hardwood floor.

Maybe finally the discussion won’t end. Instead of the DJ then the skaters maybe blame each other for not having selected the best channel …


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