Yes, There Are: Roller Rinks in Europe!

Yes, There Are: Roller Rinks in Europe!

Roller rinks are typical for the US, like hamburgers and coke. Europeans do not have to travel thus far, some roller rinks can be find in Europe.

Whereas in the US more than 1000 roller rinks are still existing, has in Europe the number of rinks died out since at least the end of the rollerblade boom in the late 1990s. Only few operators of recreational facilities offer rollers skating in their venues, often only during dedicated times. Most roller rinks or clubs with roller disco skating persist in the UK, but also in Germany, The Netherlands, Spain and Ireland the skates can be laced, and the number is growing.


Winsen/Luhe: Roller Disco Shape
Köln: Roller’s Club


Madrid: Roller Center Madrid
Madrid: Rolling Dance & Burger


Clermont-l’Hérault: Roller Dance
Cormontreuil: La Pièce Unique
Dijon: La Piéce Unique
La Garde (near Toulon): Roller Gliss
Saint-Maximin: Liberty Roller
Gradignan: Moovens
Wittenheim: Sky Roller

The Netherlands

Amsterdam: Roller Planet
Capelle aan der Ijssel: Skate Fever


Aalst: Rollerland


Katowice: Wrotka Roller Disco
Radlin: Wrotka Music Caffe Club
Warsaw: Wrotkarnia RollerDisco

United Kingdom

Atherton: North West Roller Sports
Birmingham: Roller Jam Digbeth
Blackpool: Coast Riders Roller Rink
Bolton: Nevada Roller Rink
Bristol: Bump Rollerdisco
Derby: Roller World
Eastbourne: Skate World
Exeter: Reboot Roller Discos
Glasgow: Roller Stop
Gloucester: RollerXpress
Leith: Boardwalk Rink
Liverpool: Rollerdrome
London: Flipper’s
London: Roller Nation
Lutterworth: Midlands Roller Arena
Maldon: Madison Heights
Norwich: Funkys
Nottingham: Skateland
Sheffield: Skate Central
Rochdale: Roller City
Rochford: RollaCity
Welwyn Garden City: Roller City
West Bromwich: West Bromwich Roller Disco
Wigan: Wigan Roller Rink


Dublin: The Rink at D12
Portlaois: Roll’n Bowl


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