Yes There Are: Roller Rinks in Europe!

Whereas in the US more than 1000 roller rinks are still existing, has in Europe the number of rinks died out since at least the end of the rollerblade boom in the late 1990s. Only few operators of recreational facilities offer rollers skating in their venues, often only during dedicated times. Most roller rinks or clubs with roller disco skating persist in the UK, but also in Germany, The Netherlands, Spain and Ireland the skates can be laced.


Berlin: SO36

Hanau: Skate Center Taylan

Winsen/Luhe: Roller Disco Shape


Madrid: Roller Center Madrid

Madrid: Rolling Dance & Burger


Clermont-l’Hérault: Roller Dance

La Garde (near Toulon): Roller Gliss

The Netherlands

Amsterdam: Roller Planet

Capelle aan der Ijssel: Skate Fever


Katowice: Wrotka Roller Disco

Radlin: Wrotka Music Caffe Club

Warsaw: Wrotkarnia RollerDisco

Great Britain

Ashton under Lyne: The Skate Station

Atherton: North West Roller Sports

Lackpool: Coast Riders Roller Rink

Bolton: Nevada Roller Rink

Bury: Bury Roller Rink

Colchester: Rollerworld

Derby: Roller World

Eastbourne: Skate World

Exeter: Reboot Roller Discos

Glasgow: Roller Stop

Leith: Boardwalk Rink

Liverpool: Smokie Mo’s Wheels of Fire Roller Disco

London: Skating Haven

London: Fix8 Roller Disco

London: Roller Nation

Norwich: Funkys

Nottingham: Skateland

Sheffield: Skate Central

Rochdale: Roller City

Rochford: RollaCity

Welwyn Garden City: Roller City

Wigan: Wigan Roller Rink


Dublin: The Rink at D12

Limerick: Rollerjam

Portlaois: Roll’n Bowl

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