Recreational Skating

Roller skating can be stress relieving and provides a good workout. Outdoors the weather is often too cold or too wet, but there are also chances to lace the skates indoor on a regular basis.
Unfortunately the roller skating boom of the 1980s is over. At that time there were even in Germany more than 20 roller rinks.

In some European countries still roller rinks are existing. But mostly indoor skating is narrowed to events. How to find a hall or gym for practice? Requesting sports clubs and roller sports clubs could also be helpful for finding a warm and dry venue. Also rollerblading teams, which practice Freestyle Slalom are broad-minded and from experience worth a try.

But there are also some disciplines which are performed on skates in a non-competitive manner. Personal challenging is bowl skating. The Chicks in Bowls-Movement has revived the roller skating on ramps and in bowls. The skate parks aren’t longer in the predominance of skateboarders and bikers.