Roller Rinks in Germany in the 1980s

In the early 1980s the roller skating hype reached West-Germany. None of the other European countries had so many roller rinks in the 1980s.

With full force: Most of the rinks could bear comparison with rinks in the US. Just as fast as the rinks popped up, unfortunately they also disapeared. Only the smallest rink in Marl, in the Ruhr Area saw the turn of the millennium, and closed its doors in November 2011 for good. Since 2012 there aren’t roller rinks in Germany anymore. But Germany likes roller skates: The musical Starlight Express is skating its way through a theatre built especially for it in Bochum since 1988.

These roller rinks existed in Germany:

  • Hamburg, Roller Center
  • Hamburg, Roller Universum
  • Hamburg, Rollerpark (later Indianapolis)
  • Hamburg, Skateland
  • Lüneburg, Rollerland
  • Bremen, City Roller
  • Hannover, Roller Center
  • Kassel, Roller Skate Park (later Roller-Oase)
  • Oberhausen, Rollerdrome im Bero-Center
  • Marl, Roller Center
  • Gladbeck, Rollerland
  • Dortmund, 2M Rollerhome (later Roller’s Dream)
  • Dortmund, RoDiDo
  • Herne, Rollerdrome
  • Düren, Rollerland
  • Euskirchen, Skatepoint
  • Frechen, Rollerland
  • Siegburg, Rollerland
  • Menden, Rollerland
  • Worms, Rollercenter
  • Geilenkirchen, Rollerdrome
  • Mannheim, Rollschuhhalle
  • Hemsbach, Tropica Roller Skate Center
  • Rödermark-Ober Roden, Rollschuh-Palast
  • Dieburg, Apollo
  • München, Rollpalast
  • Wiesbaden, Roll on
  • Hanau, Rollerland (later Palladium)
  • Papenburg, Rollschuhbahn im Ems Center
  • Hanau, Skatetown (2003 – 2009)
  • Mülheim, Skate Galaxy (2000 – 2002)
  • Berlin (West), Roller Disco “OZ” (Hauptstrasse)
  • Berlin (West), Roller Disco “1st Rollerdrome” (Bikini-Haus)
  • Berlin (West), Roller Disco “It” (Bismarkstrasse)
  • Berlin (West), Roller Skate Center Neue Welt
  • Berlin (Ost), Sport- und Erholungszentrum SEZ

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