Start Skating with Tutorials

Start Skating with Tutorials

New on roller skates? Don’t worry, the internet brings helpful information and tutorials for skating newbies.

Quite a while ago children learned roller skating necessarily, given that skates were part of their common toys. But for the majority, who grew up since the last heydays in the early 1980s, roller skating is a very new experience. But you won’t be left alone. The internet provides useful lessons to get into skating and to develop skills and confidence. I selected three YouTube channels, which I think are both excellent to follow, and fun to watch. Coincidentally all teachers are from California. Maybe the beautiful weather in Cali invites to skate and share experience.

RoC’s World

Firstly RoC’s World, featuring Jedidia “J-Roc” Henderson from Stockton CA. The awesome skater and nice guy shows basic steps as well as advanced moves.

Planet Roller Skate

Amy West – known as “Indy Jamma Jones” is the creator of Planet Roller Skate and a member of the Moxi Skate Team from. Long Beach CA. Her YouTube channel consists of skate tips & tricks, plus stories about her skating life.


The San Francisco roller dance performer and instructor Richard Humphrey has been involved in roller skating for more than 35 years. In 1978 he formed a professional roller dance group called “Golden Rollers“. He is known as the “Father of Rollerdance” – aka The Rollerdanceman. His dance-oriented skating style is easy to practice and doesn’t need much space. Nevertheless it’s more fun to do this together with a partner or in a group. But this applies to all roller skating.


|> Actually all along on roller skates. |> Eigentlich schon immer auf Rollschuhen.

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