… actually all along on roller skates.

Well Hello! My name is Jay and glad that you’ve shown your interest in roller skating by visiting this site. I’m skating for 30+ years and gained some expert knowledge, which I want also to share. As a business consultant by profession, and president of an artistic roller skating club, I do also business consultancy for all aspects of roller skating sports and events. This blog should make the readers feel like roller skating. You can find dates of roller skate parties in Europe on the event page.

Feel free to contact me at any time on any issue like:

  • “What kind of skates I need?”
  • “Are there other skaters  in my city/region?”
  • “Why are styles so important in the roller skating culture?”

Or for more business-related matters, as:

  • “What are the keys for a successful club skate disco?”
  • “How can I discover the influencers and marketing strategy for promoting my skate-related product?”
  • “Is there a way to identify specific target groups in the skating scene for supporting my business?”

Make sure you also follow me on Instagram, Facebook or others under my nick “DrRollerskate”. I’m a real person. I promise.