How 2020 Changed Roller Skating

How 2020 Changed Roller Skating

Last year roller skating has grown in popularity during the pandemic. New skaters brought their vibe into the sports.

Roller skating exploded in summer 2020 – helped along by social media. The perception of skating changed with this dynamic as well. Here are 10 things, I noticed.

  1. The meaning of skating compromises all activities as long as skates are involved. Whether pole dancing, or minimal movements.
  2. Skating has emancipated from constraints of rinks. Alternative spots increased attractiveness.
  3. Skating became inseparable cross-linked to online tutorials. No step without video example.
  4. Fashion, music, scenery, evolved as important aspects of skating. Fashion industry is inexorably in adoption of trends.
  5. Black history of skating is finally acknowledged, but still underappreciated. Social media algorithm value quantity over quality.
  6. Skaters care more about brands, than customized rollers skates parts for specific needs. Prestige over performance.
  7. Finally the roller skate emoji was issued. But initial proposal dated back already 4 years, so skating resurge took a run.
  8. Skaters transform their fame to become product brands and global influencers. Celebrity culture unfortunately doesn’t respect skills.
  9. Skate music is retro-ish. Formerly roller skating music inspired and influenced dance music, now skate tunes are only reminiscently.
  10. Almost all skate events were canceled, among them Skate Love Barcelona, the largest European roller skate festival. See you in Barcelona in September 2021.


|> Actually all along on roller skates. |> Eigentlich schon immer auf Rollschuhen.