A(n)t(i)lanta Style

A(n)t(i)lanta Style

Regional skating styles are developed and cultivated by “locals”. Actually it should be expected that in Atlanta, the mecca of African-American Style Skating, skaters have developed an extra ambitious local style. So, what is the “Atlanta-Style”?

Every night in the dozen roller rinks in the metropolitan area there is at least one adult-session with music by the best skate-DJs of the US. Many skaters show incredible skills and creativity. But if you are now expecting an unique style, you will be disappointed. The reasons for this is the “mecca”. Skaters from all over the US relocate to Atlanta and bring their regional style in the rinks of the capital of the south. Styles are blending, same the music styles of the DJs. A creative mixture, which can be felt anywhere in this major center of African American culture.

But there was an Atlanta style, which also can bee seen also prominently in the movie ATL. Currently the S.O.S. “Sick On Skates” skate crew from Atlanta maintains and develops the Atlanta-own extraordinary style. Sometimes tauntingly called “Atlanta-Style”, which should be rather regarded as an honor.

Very powerful, energetic moves. Crew-skating instead of individual self-expression. Focus on panache and not on nicety. A counterpoint to the styles, which can be seen in the roller rinks in Atlanta. Almost punk.

More about skate culture in Atlanta:


|> Actually all along on roller skates. |> Eigentlich schon immer auf Rollschuhen.

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